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PostSubject: RULES   Sat Aug 28, 2010 11:00 pm

On the occasion of Michael's birthday we decided to create this forum in addition to our Fb group
We are Mj's fans and we would like, with you, to finally find the TRUTH 'about him. About what really happened June 25, 2009.
We are only at the beginnig of this "new" adventure, so be patient ! We are going to post more in these days and with YOUR help we hope to make a WONDERFUL job !
We have no precise rules, feel free to post what you believe is important for you even if you are "belivers" or not.
We'll establish a special section dedicated only to Michael in which will be posted articles, videos and whatever you remember our wonderful man .
We ask only one small thing: offenses of any kind will not be tolerated to Michael or any member of the group; there should be no discrimination or phrases offensive to religion, politics or race.

Thank you and remember: IT'S ALL FOR L.O.V.E. Very Happy


- Moderators are members of this forum, they are here to help other members and to contribute to this site to be a quiet, safe and a wonderful site for all of you.

-It's not allowed to bash people and we wont allow members to insult, accuse, attack or humiliate other members.
-Posting private information about a member and plagiarism it's not allowed.If a member posts private info about another
member,he/she will be banned.
-Its important to keep a good atmosphere on the forum, therefor members with a constant negative approach will be warned.
-Any thread about a member will be deleted, experience has taught us that it doesn't produce anything favourable.
-Hateful comments and sarcastic remarks about members and/or forum are not allowed
-Any member who has not written anything and just dedicates to badmouth will be banned directly.
-Spammers will be banned directly.
-Its not allowed to create more than 1 account.
-Its not allowed to impersonate Michael Jackson or any of his family members.Anyone who does,will be banned immediatly.
-If a member attacks a moderator,the moderator simply won't reply.If they reply, it will be an endless game.Ofcourse the same rules apply when a member attacks another member.
-All members will respect the moderators as well as they will respect other members.
-Its not allowed to attack any moderator/admin, and they are not allowed to attack members either.
-Everybody can express their opinion without attacking, badmouthing, offending others members .
-Its NOT allowed to disrespect Michael .
-It's NOT allowed to spread lies or speculations about forum or create drama.
- This is a HOAX forum for ppl who believe MJ hoaxed his death. Everyone is welcome, but please respect the members. If you do not believe in a hoax, do not humiliate or make fun of their beliefs. They should not have to defend their opinions as this is a forum where they are free to express their opinons about a hoax. If you repeatedly continue to force your opinions onto others that Michael Jackson is truly gone and members get upset, you will be warned.

If you want to know something you can PM mods or admin.
If a member violates the rules, it will be dealt with as stated here :

- The first and second time a member violates the rules ,they will be warned and notified by PM.
- If it happens a third time, the member will be banned from forum.

-Admin has the discretion to ban directly if a member disrespects them

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